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Status report of project Innovine

After 4 years of work, Innovine project ended in November 2016. How can The Innovine Project help vineyard growers throughout the EU develop better quality vines in a world where climate change is a key challenge? The Innovine Project has enlightened two major subjects on which researchers, extension services, technical advisors and service providers will have to focus their future work to better assist grower’s decisions towards a more sustainable viticulture. The first one is diversification of the varieties planted and the second is the delivery of an integrated set of user-driven services, which will assist grower’s decisions along the season.These future developments will hopefully be stimulated and supported by the important efforts if dissemination towards producers, growers, advisors and policy makers of the partners. Access to the article



Status report of project Innovine


Consult the summary of Innovine final report on project's impacts

InnoVine final symposium: videos of presentations are available !



Innovine final symposium was held in Toulouse (France) on November 16th an 17th. More than 250 people attented the meeting. First day was dedicated to research results' presentation conducted in Innovine framework in adaptation...

ClimWine2016: A scientific update on the challenges of climate change for the vine and wine sector


Nathalie Ollat (EGFV-Bordeaux), Inaki Garcia de Cortazar-Atauri (Agroclim-Avignon), Jean-Marc Touzard (Innovation-Montpellier)

WINEO - Characterization of vineyard plots by airborne/drone imagery


In the framework of the INNOVINE project, NOVELTIS has developed several products for precision viticulture that were described previously in the  second INNOVINE newsletter. These innovative products are now accessible 24/7...

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The final Innovine symposium during which will be presented the main findings obtained during the four years of the project, will take place in Toulouse - South West of France - on the 16th and 17th of November 2016. The first...

Learn about Innovine results by watching video clips in English and Italian!


Dissemination activities are key issues in the Innovine project and we are pleased to inform you that the first video clips are available. They were recorded in May 2015 during Enoforum that took place in Vincenza, North East of...

Vitisflower: an innovating app to calculate the number of flowers per inflorescence


Researchers from the University of La Rioja and ICVV in Spain have developed a new algorithm based on artificial vision techniques to determine automatically the number of flowers per inflorescence using a smartphone camera under...

Ampelomyces: a biocontrol agent to reduce the severity of powdery mildew’s epidemics


The University of Piacenza in Italy has been investigating for several years the use of biocontrol agents including Ampelomyces, a group of hyperparasitic fungi, to fight against grapevine powdery mildew. Efficacy of sanitation...

The screening of more than 100 varieties for Black rot resistance gave encouraging results


Several genes or loci associated with downy (Rpv 1, Rpv2, Rpv3, Rpv5, Rpv6, Rpv8, Rpv10 and Rpv12) and powdery mildews (Run1, Run2.1, Run2.2, Ren1, Ren3, Ren4 and Ren5) resistances have been identified in grapevines originating...

Building systems adapted to partially resistant varieties


The third Innovine annual meeting took place in Plovdiv - Bulgaria - from the 22nd until the 24th of February. ENTAV/IFV took advantage of the presence of about 50 researchers in the same place representing a large concentration...

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