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Status report of project Innovine

After 4 years of work, Innovine project ended in November 2016. How can The Innovine Project help vineyard growers throughout the EU develop better quality vines in a world where climate change is a key challenge? The Innovine Project has enlightened two major subjects on which researchers, extension services, technical advisors and service providers will have to focus their future work to better assist grower’s decisions towards a more sustainable viticulture. The first one is diversification of the varieties planted and the second is the delivery of an integrated set of user-driven services, which will assist grower’s decisions along the season.These future developments will hopefully be stimulated and supported by the important efforts if dissemination towards producers, growers, advisors and policy makers of the partners. Access to the article



Towards a better understanding of the plant responses to drought stresses


Montepulciano and Sangiovese are two heavily spread Italian cultivars that are known to show distinct responses to drought stress. While Sangiovese has been described as an anisohydric variety, Montepulciano is known to have a...

Innovine’s outcomes help to activate a new Master dedicated to innovation in Viticulture and Enology


The Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC) from Piacenza in Italy is involved directly or indirectly through Horta, its spin-off company, in several activities conducted in InnoVine. Main contributions include the...

International symposium on sustainable grape and wine production in the context of climate change


Bordeaux, April 10-13, 2016The wine industry, more than any other crop industries, needs to adapt to climate change. Given the socio-economic impact of wine production, the specific influence of climate on viticulture and wine...

Don't miss the InnoVine Training Day on 29 June !


An InnoVine training day will be organized on 29 June in Portugal in order to present some results of the project. 5 partners of the InnoVine will be involved (Horta, Noveltis, ISA, ITQB, Agriciencia) Don't miss it !


10 workshops organized in Italy on, a DSS for sustainable management of vineyards


The Horta Company organized during the last winter 10 different workshops on, a DSS for sustainable management of vineyards. In total, almost 200 winegrowers and technical advisers participated in these technical events....

Optimized Treatment Plan: First trial on a wine estate


In order to reduce the use of pesticides, the French Institute for Vine and Wine (IFV) is working in the framework of the InnoVine project at adapting the phytosanitary treatments at the plot scale. This Optimized Treatment Plan...

2015 and 2016 scientific events at a glance


Several major events dedicated to vine and wine sciences will take place in 2015/ 2016. InnoVine results will be presented during some of them:

The 19th International Symposium GiESCO (Group of international Experts of...

Precision viticulture using remotely sensed images (WINEO tools)


In the framework of the INNOVINE project, NOVELTIS developed a tool for precision viticulture. This new tool is based on remotely sensed images (satellite, airborne or UAV data can be managed) and provides wine growers with a...

48 different Sets of Objectives and Constraints (SOCs) defined in 2014


The overall aim of WP4 is to conceive and assess under real vineyard conditions the cost-benefits relationships of new practices and management systems aiming at adapting viticulture to climate change, at reducing pesticide...

Improvement of a system for collecting data at farm level, analyzing and interpreting them


In WP5, Agri-Ciência improved a system for collecting data at farm level and developed tools to validate, analyse and interpret these data. Agri-Ciência set up and improved his existing system for collecting data from multiple...

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