Fully mechanisable canopy manipulations can help to control bunch rot


Research in progress through the second period (P2) of task 2.2 (Improved cluster rot tolerance through canopy manipulation techniques) adds new solid knowledge about the possibility to deter or partially control bunch rot through fully mechanisable canopy manipulations. For instance, JKI showed less Botrytis in vines pruned according to a semi-minimal hedge pruning system vs traditional pruning; ISA and ITQB highlighted that pre-flowering leaf removal was able to significantly reduced bunch compactness and limit, albeit non significantly, rot incidence during the very wet 2014; UCSC, on the white cv. Ortrugo, found the same results and, in such a case, Botrytis was reduced and grape quality improved; GRC and UCSC on cvs. Riesling and Barbera, respectively, showed that the applications of anti-transpirants did not modify bunch morphology and berry size as expected, although it was very powerful in Barbera at decoupling the sugar:anthocyanins accumulation trends by delaying the former while not hindering the latter.

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