CUBA: a free online Converter of Units for Berry Anthocyanins


In publications or in experimental trials, anthocyanin content in grapes is often expressed in several units (mg/g skin, mg/L, mg/berry…). The multiplication of these units can be confusing and it can be hard to correctly compare results from different trials, different teams, different labs,…FORCE-A provided an easily accessible tool, called CUBA, to convert anthocyanins units acquired by different analytical methods. It is available as a free internet-based tool accessible from all supports, computers, tablets and smartphones. This tool is useful for researchers who would like to simulate anthocyanin accumulation under the effect of various environmental variables (temperature, water availability, irradiance) on berry characteristics (berry mass, skin thickness) and how they will influence the final grape and wine quality.

Learn more about CUBA and how to use it (PDF 590 ko)
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