International symposium on sustainable grape and wine production in the context of climate change


Bordeaux, April 10-13, 2016

The wine industry, more than any other crop industries, needs to adapt to climate change. Given the socio-economic impact of wine production, the specific influence of climate on viticulture and wine quality, and the key issues of localization and innovations in this industry, it is worthwhile to explore not only the impacts of climate change on vine and wine but also the current and future adaptation strategies. Depending on the viticultural area under consideration, adaptation obviously raises distinct scientific issues. In all cases, however, it is clear that effective adaptation strategies will require a combination of different disciplines, technologies and approaches in both natural and social sciences. Resonate this context, INRA is pleased to invite you in Bordeaux under the auspices of the INRA ACCAF Meta-Program (Adaptation to Climate Change for Agrosystems and Forestry, projects LACCAVE and PERPHECLIM) to share common knowledge base on climate change issues, as well as gathering data, defining adaptation strategies and providing decision rules to address the critical issue of climate change adaptation for the wine industry. The 3-day symposium is planned in four sessions: a) climate characterization and modelling at different scale and time levels, b) impacts of climate change on vine, wine and environment, c) possible adaptation strategies, d) evaluation of consumer perception and producer strategies. Researchers are invited to present and discuss their leading edge research in this forum. INRA really hopes to meet you in Bordeaux in 2016!! This symposium will be followed by two options for post-congress tours in Alsace or Languedoc Roussillon.

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