Ampelomyces: a biocontrol agent to reduce the severity of powdery mildew’s epidemics


The University of Piacenza in Italy has been investigating for several years the use of biocontrol agents including Ampelomyces, a group of hyperparasitic fungi, to fight against grapevine powdery mildew. Efficacy of sanitation has been previously evaluated in Northern Italy and the application of the biofungicide AQ10® WG based on Ampelomyces quisqualis gave good results when it was applied late in the growing season. The fungus conidia were able to parasitize the powdery mildew spores which halved disease severity on bunch until the pea-sized berries stage in the following season. The research works conducted in Innovine showed that the Ampelomyces spraying couldn’t be combined with copper applications that had a depreciative effect on the biocontrol agent populations. Additionally, we showed that pre-germination in water for 12 hours increases the germination rate of Ampelomyces.

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