Vitisflower: an innovating app to calculate the number of flowers per inflorescence


Researchers from the University of La Rioja and ICVV in Spain have developed a new algorithm based on artificial vision techniques to determine automatically the number of flowers per inflorescence using a smartphone camera under field conditions. Measurements made on 132 inflorescences showed a good correlation (R2=0.91) between the manual counted and calculated through image processing numbers of flowers. This innovating app provides winegrowers and technical advisers with a new early indicator of the bunch size. Based on the information provided by the app, winegrowers can adapt the vineyard management to reach the targeted yields at harvest. It will also help them together with researchers in viticulture to calculate the rate of berry set (percentage of flowers that gave berries). The app is available for free for android system based smartphones on the Play Store platform.

To learn more about the app, download the article published in the proceedings of the 19th International Giesco Symposium or contact Javier Tardaguila.

Download the app on the Google Play platform

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