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The InnoVine consortium is composed of 27 partners combining the expertise of more than 100 grape and wine researchers or producers.  Partners come from 7 European countries concentrating most of the European vineyards surface and contrasted environmental, economic and societal conditions.

The teams involved cover a wide range of scientific disciplines in viticulture (e.g. grapevine genetics and breeding, physiology, ecology, epidemiology, pathology) and technical expertise in statistics, phenotyping, databases, modelling, DSS and development of monitoring devices. About half of the partnership is public, and half is composed of private organisations, including SMEs, a large winery company and a nursery cooperative.


Mr Jean-Pierre Van Ruyskenvelde  or Eric Serrano
Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin – IFV (ENTAV)
Domaine de l’Espiguette
30240 Le Grau du Roi
Tel. +33 466 511 750
Website :

Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin – IFV (ENTAV)


IFV conducts studies of general interest for the whole French wine industry, on topics such as plant material, vine growing, vineyard management, winemaking and marketing. The Institute carries out researches on several experimental sites spread all over the French vineyards. IFV also helps the SMEs to elaborate technical references necessary for their progress and competitiveness. The equipment of the experimental centers allows specific studies to test innovations in Viticulture and Winemaking. Open to education, teaching and training, IFV has developed partnerships with viticultural and enological formation centers in France.


The IFV network of engineers, technicians and equipments will be made available within the framework of the InnoVine project. IFV will carry out the statistical processing of data. Due to its involvement in the different WP of InnoVine and its historical missions, IFV will provide leadership in the WP6 dedicated to the dissemination and transfer of technology. It will be in charge, with the project partners, to communicate the knowledge gained to the players of the European Wine Industry and will ensure the transfer of innovations to the companies of the sector.

Key persons involded

Jean-Christophe Payan is in charge of the evaluation of methods and diagnostic tools and manages the identification of links between vineyards management toward to water stress and grapes or wines quality.

Rémi Guérin-Schneider is in charge of aroma compounds analysis and the Methodoeno IFV project that deals with the characterization of grape and wine quality. He also coodinates the UMT Qualinnov, a joint program dedicated to the grape and wine quality analysis.

David Lafond joined IFV in 2008 to manage a network of advisors and producers in Val de Loire about grapevine diseases modeling. Since 2009, he is in charge of the ECOVITI project that deals with conception and evaluation of low pesticide use viticulture systems.

Laurent Audeguin is head of the Selection, Research and Development at the Vine Department, covering genetic and sanitary selection process. He is involved in the IFV trademark and is the co-leader of the technical association “Géno-Vigne for characterization and valorization of the genetic resources”.

Eric Serrano manages the research conducted by a team of 12 engineers located in the South West of France and he is in charge of the national project “Estimation of Grapes Quality by Non Destructive Methods”. He is also the national manager of IFV’s research for SMEs.

Material resources

IFV is present on the French ponds of production through 7 regional poles with field experimental stations. The ultramodern equipment of the experimental wineries allows assuring specific studies to test the innovations. IFV in Montpellier will provide to the project specific tools for aroma compounds analysis, i.e. sample preparation facilities and GC-MS device (funded in the project).

European Union
Innovine is a European collaborative project that has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement n° 311775.
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