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The InnoVine consortium is composed of 27 partners combining the expertise of more than 100 grape and wine researchers or producers.  Partners come from 7 European countries concentrating most of the European vineyards surface and contrasted environmental, economic and societal conditions.

The teams involved cover a wide range of scientific disciplines in viticulture (e.g. grapevine genetics and breeding, physiology, ecology, epidemiology, pathology) and technical expertise in statistics, phenotyping, databases, modelling, DSS and development of monitoring devices. About half of the partnership is public, and half is composed of private organisations, including SMEs, a large winery company and a nursery cooperative.

Prof. Osvaldo Failla
or Mrs Elena Arioni
Università degli studi di Milano, DiSAA
Via Celoria 2
20133 Milano
Tel. +39 503 165 65/98

Università degli Studi di Milano (UNIMI)


The UNIMI is active in the following research fields: physiology of grape ripening and grapes enological quality, in relation to environmental conditions and suitability for viticulture; identification, collection, preservation and enhancement of genetic resources of cultivated and wild grapevines. Genetic improvement of grapevines by clonal selection techniques for conservation of intravariety genetic diversity; selection of grapevines rootstocks resistant to abiotic stresses (water stress, salinity and iron chlorosis) by the development of molecular markers and characterization of their performance in the open vineyards.


The Department of Crop Production at UNIMI will participate to WP1 and to WP3. It will carry out several experiments assessing grapes composition in response to phenotypic plasticity and to different abiotic stresses induced by viticulture practices and environmental stresses. It will study the effectiveness of the non invasive spectrophotometric analysis of grape berry to assess the anthocyanin accumulation and the profile. As chair of the Cost action FA1003 which involves a network that manages a unique extent source of grapevines diversity UNIMI will be able to make it available to other project partners.

Key persons involded

Prof. Attilio Scienza is full professor of viticultureand leadsa group of grapevine genetics and physiology. He has 40 years experience in the genetics, physiology and cultural techniques of grapevines. He has published over 100 papers in international scientific journals been involved in the development of large national and international scientific research projects

Prof. Osvaldo Failla is associate professor of viticulture. The research activity in which is involved mainly concerns the physiology of ripening of grapes, the phenology of the vine, the characterization of the interaction "genotype x environment" in the qualitative expression of the grapes, the characterization of the genetic structure and phenotypical expression of cultivated and wild grapevines germplasm. He has participated in numerous research projects in genetics, physiology and agronomy of grapevines. He is the author of over 100 scientific publications in journals and conferences.

Prof. Luca Espen is associate professor in plant physiology. He participated in several research projects in the field of biochemistry and physiology of cultivated plants. Among the different plants subject of his research, he directed his interest in the grapevines physiology by proteomic approach.

Material resources

UNIMI holds of a range of experimental vineyards and grapevine collections. It benefits of a full equipped laboratory for spectrophotemtric, MS-HPLC and MS-CG analysis. It co-ordinates a collaborative network (Cost action FA1003) that includes germplasm collections in the Caucasus and Northern Black sea region range.

European Union
Innovine is a European collaborative project that has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement n° 311775.
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