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The InnoVine consortium is composed of 27 partners combining the expertise of more than 100 grape and wine researchers or producers.  Partners come from 7 European countries concentrating most of the European vineyards surface and contrasted environmental, economic and societal conditions.

The teams involved cover a wide range of scientific disciplines in viticulture (e.g. grapevine genetics and breeding, physiology, ecology, epidemiology, pathology) and technical expertise in statistics, phenotyping, databases, modelling, DSS and development of monitoring devices. About half of the partnership is public, and half is composed of private organisations, including SMEs, a large winery company and a nursery cooperative.

Prof. Mario Pezzoti
Università degli studi di Verona
Strada Le Grazie, 15
37134 Verona
Tel. +39 045 802 7951

Università degli Studi di Verona (UNIVR)


UNIVR-DB is based in the Biotechnology Department, Verona University (VU). The main competences of the group are plant genetics, molecular biology, plant pathology and biotechnology. The group has recognized expertise and facilities for large-scale analysis of gene expression, by microarray and by New Generation sequencing technologies. Following the completion of the grapevine genome sequence project, to which UNIVR participated, the first “whole genome” grapevine gene chip in the world has been produced by the Functional Genomic Centre, carrying proves to all identified grapevine transcripts.


UNIVR-DB will participate to WP1. It will carry out experiments assessing grapevine transcriptome responses to phenotypic plasticity and to abiotic stresses induced by viticulture practices and drought.

Key persons involded

Prof. Mario Pezzotti is professor of plant genetics and leads a group of plant genetics and genomics. He has 30 years experience in the genetics and biotechnology of petunia and tobacco and has participated to the development of the first grapevine genome sequence. He has published over 60 papers in international scientific journals been involved in the development of a large set of national and international scientific projects. He has acted as a consultant for EU, NSF, BARD.

Prof Massimo Delledonne is the Director of the Functional Genomic Centre at VU. He has 25 years experience on plant-pathogen interactions and genomics, including the development of the first grapevine genome sequence. He published over 60 papers in high impact scientific journals, been involved in national and international projects and acted as EMBO young Investigator and a consultant for EFSA and EU.

Dr. Sara Zenoni is assistant professor in plant genetics with 12 years experience in plant biotechnology particularly in plant functional genetic analysis in different plant species including petunia and grapevine. She is also responsible for a national project on viticulture.

Dr. Diana Bellin is assistant professor in plant genetics with 15 years experience in plant biotechnology focused on plant-pathogen interactions and genetic mapping of plant resistance.

Dr. Annalisa Polverari is assistant professorin plant pathology with more than 20 year experience in plant pathogen interactions. She focused on transcriptomic analysis of the interaction of grapevine plant to downy mildew.

Material resources

UNIVR-DB will be the pivotal centre in which transcriptomic analyses will be carried for the entire project, therefore UNIVR-DB will guarantee the availability and the efficient use of the transcriptomic platform to the project together with a strong support for the bioinformatic and statistical analyses.

European Union
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