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The InnoVine consortium is composed of 27 partners combining the expertise of more than 100 grape and wine researchers or producers.  Partners come from 7 European countries concentrating most of the European vineyards surface and contrasted environmental, economic and societal conditions.

The teams involved cover a wide range of scientific disciplines in viticulture (e.g. grapevine genetics and breeding, physiology, ecology, epidemiology, pathology) and technical expertise in statistics, phenotyping, databases, modelling, DSS and development of monitoring devices. About half of the partnership is public, and half is composed of private organisations, including SMEs, a large winery company and a nursery cooperative.

Mrs Montse Torres Viñals
or Mrs Esmeralda Payan Aguilera
Miguel Torres S.A
Carrer de Miquel Torres Carbó, 6
08720 Vilafranca del Penedès
Tel. +34 938 177 504/395

Miguel Torres S.A (TORRES)


The Torres family, dedicated to viticulture in Spain since the 17th century, founded their own wine exporting company in 1870. Torres’ mission is to maintain the centuries-long tradition as a family-run company with international projection. Torres is leader in the premium wine and brandy sector with better, outstanding products. The mission of the R&D department is to obtain better quality products respecting the environment and sustainability.  Torres collaborates with national and international R&D projects and works together with universities, public and private research centers and other enterprises of the sector. Currently, Torres is the leader of the Cenit Demeter, a national research project in consortium with others enterprises related with wine sector. Demeter focus on the development of viticulture practices adapted to the climatic change and the study of the influence of the different levels of maturity in wine.


Torres will lead WP4 and also test the effects of agricultural practices and canopy management improvements in order to increase quality and mitigate the negative effects of climate change. The aim of this work is to optimize agricultural systems in grapevine production.

Key persons involded

Xavier Sort Camañes, Bachelors degree in Biology and PhD in Biology. He has been working since 1998 in Miguel Torres Winery’s Viticulture Department. Nowadays he is the Director of R&D and Production. He has developed several scientific collaborations and the results have been published in international journals. He was member of the organizing committee of the first forum “Wineries for Climate Protection, 2011”, and has participated in the creation of the “Plataforma Tecnologica del Vino” in Spain.

Montse Torres Viñals, Agronomist engineer and enologist. She has been working in Miguel Torres Winery’s Viticulture Department since 1997. She is the leader of several research topics within Miguel Torres such as Recovery of Catalan ancestral varieties, Vine sanitary protection and ESCA and Grapevine trunk diseases.

Esmeralda Payán Aguilera, Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. She has been working in Miguel Torres Winery’s laboratory since 1991. She works in the field of aroma and glycosylated aromatic precursors. Nowadays, she is coordinating the R&D department.

Material resources

Miguel Torres has an R&D department formed by 45 people: 5 PhDs, 17 bachelors, 15 graduated technicians and 11 technicians. Miguel Torres owns 1700 ha of vineyards and will select the most suitable field for the project. Our laboratories are equipped with the latest analytical technologies for measuring grape quality parameters.

European Union
Innovine is a European collaborative project that has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement n° 311775.
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