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The InnoVine consortium is composed of 27 partners combining the expertise of more than 100 grape and wine researchers or producers.  Partners come from 7 European countries concentrating most of the European vineyards surface and contrasted environmental, economic and societal conditions.

The teams involved cover a wide range of scientific disciplines in viticulture (e.g. grapevine genetics and breeding, physiology, ecology, epidemiology, pathology) and technical expertise in statistics, phenotyping, databases, modelling, DSS and development of monitoring devices. About half of the partnership is public, and half is composed of private organisations, including SMEs, a large winery company and a nursery cooperative.

Dr Enric Belles-Boix
or Mr Bao Diep
INRA Transfert
3 rue de Pondichéry
75015 Paris
Tel. +33 142 759 213/236
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INRA Transfert (IT)


Inra Transfert is a fully-owned INRA’s subsidiary founded to exploit INRA’s research results and innovative technologies, and develop them into concrete business opportunities. It is a technology transfer company specialised in innovative technologies arising from agriculture- related research. The INRA Transfert European Projects Department is aimed at strengthening the INRA’s contribution to the implementation of the European Research Area with the mission to help INRA researchers and partners to setup projects in response to EC calls and manage them when selected by the EC. Staff of INRA Transfert Europe department holds a strong expertise in:

  • Helping researchers in the conception, construction and writing of relevant proposals especially regarding the health, agriculture, and environment topics.
  • Managing FP6 and FP7 collaborative projects from very large to smaller ones (i) Large CP as DROPS, NovelTree (forest sector driven genetic improvement of trees) and TriticeaeGenome (Triticeae genomics for improved selection), (ii) Infractrustures: NADIR, iii) Integrated projects as Co-Extra (co-existence and traceability of GMOs) and BaSysBio (Bacillus subtilis systems biology) and (iv) Networks of excellence as Evoltree (evolution of trees as biodiversity drivers) and Endure (durable exploitation of crop protection strategies)

Additionally, in view of dissemination of the project results, INRA Transfert put at the disposal of the project the unique expertise holds by its Technology Transfer department in:

  • Managing technology portfolios through analyzing inventions and their environment, searching for industrial partners, negotiating terms and conditions of technology transfer.
  • Supporting development of innovative start-up companies by:
    • Defining a business project around the know-how or patented technology to be transferred
    • Determining IP related results to guarantee conditions for product commercialisation
    • Organising the technology transfer to the innovation company


INRA Transfer will lead the project management tasks supporting the Coordinator, the InnoVine decision- making and implementing bodies of the project and the whole consortium.

Key persons involded

Dr. Enric Belles-Boix holds a Ph.D. in Plant Biotechnology (Belgium) and a Master in Management (France). After several postdoctoral research experiences in plant development, he turned to management of collaborative research projects. He has large experience in the management of FP6 and FP7 projects and in the setting up of research collaborative projects.

Dr. Diep Tuong Bao, PhD in Mechanics, MBA, is the Head of the European Projects Department. He has more than five years’ experience in supporting researchers within the EC research collaborative programmes. He is also the coordinator of the ongoing FP6 specific support action Trans2Tech aimed at increasing transnational technology transfer within the EU.

Material resources

INRA Transfert holds the license of Mayetic, a software tool aimed at providing web-based collaborative platform – with specifically dedicated server – designed to ensure secure and organised information exchange within project involving large number of organisations and individuals. Other tools IT has purchased in order to enhance project management efficiency include MS Project software.

European Union
Innovine is a European collaborative project that has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement n° 311775.
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