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Status report of project Innovine

After 4 years of work, Innovine project ended in November 2016. How can The Innovine Project help vineyard growers throughout the EU develop better quality vines in a world where climate change is a key challenge? The Innovine Project has enlightened two major subjects on which researchers, extension services, technical advisors and service providers will have to focus their future work to better assist grower’s decisions towards a more sustainable viticulture. The first one is diversification of the varieties planted and the second is the delivery of an integrated set of user-driven services, which will assist grower’s decisions along the season.These future developments will hopefully be stimulated and supported by the important efforts if dissemination towards producers, growers, advisors and policy makers of the partners. Access to the article



Innovine at Enoforum 2015


Some of the first research results obtained within the INNOVINE project will be presented at the 9th ENOFORUM, that will take place in Vicenza (Italy) from 5 to 7 May 2015. ENOFORUM is a biennial congress attended by more than...

52 grapevine varieties assessed for 5 years under the Bordeaux climate


One of the objectives of WP1 is to explore the genetic diversity of grape physiology and berry composition in the context of adaptation to climate change. The goal is to counterbalance the present trend observed in many wine...®: a DSS under improvement and enlargement of its functionalities


Different tools have been developed for the support of decision-making in plant disease and pest control, and these tools can be grouped into three categories: i) warning services; ii) on-site devices; and iii) decision...

CUBA: a free online Converter of Units for Berry Anthocyanins


In publications or in experimental trials, anthocyanin content in grapes is often expressed in several units (mg/g skin, mg/L, mg/berry…). The multiplication of these units can be confusing and it can be hard to correctly compare...

Fully mechanisable canopy manipulations can help to control bunch rot


Research in progress through the second period (P2) of task 2.2 (Improved cluster rot tolerance through canopy manipulation techniques) adds new solid knowledge about the possibility to deter or partially control bunch rot...

Partial resistance might select for increased aggressiveness of downy mildew



A fundamental milestone of task 2.1 (Durability of grape resistance to major fungal diseases) was the cross inoculations of susceptible and tolerant genotypes with powdery and downy mildew (DM) strains which, among its goals,...

The main role of pigments degradation for white berries color


Vitis vinifera L. evolution promoted red anthocyanins as major pigments for grapes. However, humans also selected white cultivars due to their particular color. Especially for table grapes, the yellowish hue is considered as an...

Are you a producer or a consultant? Join Innovine!


You can directly contribute to a new project that aims to create a map of viticultural management systems currently in use, your input will help identify critical points and priorities for the project activity and development....

InnoVine in Beijing


The 11th International Conference on Grapevine Genetics and Breeding will be held in Yanqing County, Beijing, from the 28th of July until the 2nd of August 2014. This major event which takes place every four years, gathers...

Willing to learn more about the 2013 activities ?


We invite you to download the publishable summary of the activities performed during the first year of the project for the 5 technical WPs. This document only available in English, presents the work done since the beginning of...

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