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Newsletter n°3 - March 2016    

Save the date!

The final Innovine symposium during which will be presented the main findings obtained during the four years of the project, will take place in Toulouse - South West of France - on the 16th and 17th of November 2016. The first day will be more addressed to scientists and will be divided into two sessions: managing drought and berry quality in a context of climate change; managing pests and diseases in vineyards through resistant varieties....Read more


Building systems adapted to partially resistant varieties

The third Innovine annual meeting took place in Plovdiv - Bulgaria - from the 22nd until the 24th of February. ENTAV/IFV took advantage of the presence of about 50 researchers in the same place representing a large concentration of grey matter, to organize two brainstorming sessions. The first one on new technologies allowed to establish a complete list all the sensors and DSSs dedicated to viticulture available on the market. During the second workshop, three main issues specific to partially resistant varieties to powdery and downy mildews were identified: 1) Maintaining the durability of the resistance, 2) Managing secondary pests and diseases, 3) EnhancingRead more


Vitisflower: an innovating app to calculate the number of flowers per inflorescence

Researchers from the University of La Rioja and ICVV in Spain have developed a new algorithm based on artificial vision techniques to determine automatically the number of flowers per inflorescence using a smartphone camera under field conditions. Measurements made on 132 inflorescences showed a good correlation (R2=0.91) between the manual counted and calculated through image processing numbers of flowers... Read more


Learn about Innovine results by watching video clips in English and Italian!

Dissemination activities are key issues in the Innovine project and we are pleased to inform you that the first video clips are available. They were recorded in May 2015 during Enoforum that took place in Vincenza, North East of Italy. The Innovine dedicated session started with a presentation of the project objectives and structure by Olivier Geffroy from the French partner IFV. The overall plan of activities and the network of project partners were described. The first technical presentation was then given by Stefano Poni, Director of the Department of Sustainable Crop Production… Read more


Optimized Spray Schedule: First trial on a wine estate

In order to reduce the use of pesticides, the French Institute for Vine and Wine (IFV) is working in the framework of the InnoVine project at adapting the phytosanitary treatments at the plot scale. This Optimized Spray Schedule (PTO®) based on precision viticulture and data collection in vineyard (soil resistivity, NDVI…) was experimented at Domaine Léoville Las Cases in Bordeaux during the 2014 vintage...Read more


WINEO - Characterization of vineyard plots by airborne/drone imagery

In the framework of the INNOVINE project, NOVELTIS has developed several products for precision viticulture that were described previously in the  second INNOVINE newsletter. These innovative products are now accessible 24/7 through a password protected webmapping interface. Demonstration sessions are available thanks to specific logins which can be obtained on line. Get access to the interface


International symposium on sustainable grape and wine production in the context of climate change

Bordeaux, April 10-13, 2016. The wine industry, more than any other crop industries, needs to adapt to climate change. INRA is pleased to invite you in Bordeaux to share common knowledge base on climate change issues, as well as gathering data, defining adaptation strategies and providing decision rules to address the critical issue of climate change adaptation for the wine industry. The 3-day symposium is planned in four sessions...Read more


The screening of more than 100 varieties for Black rot resistance gave encouraging results

Several genes or loci associated with downy and powdery mildews resistances have been identified in grapevines originating from America (Muscadina rotundifolia, V.rupestris, V.lincecumii), Asia (V.amurensis, V.romanetii) or Eastern Europe (Vitis vinifera L. cv Kishmish Vatkana). For Black rot, a secondary disease that should emerge with the expansion of resistant varieties and the reduction of the spraying targeted against downy mildew, sources of resistance in grapevine are very rare and limited to the...Read more


Ampelomyces: a biocontrol agent to reduce the severity of powdery mildew’s epidemics

The University of Piacenza in Italy has been investigating for several years the use of biocontrol agents including Ampelomyces, a group of hyperparasitic fungi, to fight against grapevine powdery mildew. Efficacy of sanitation has been previously evaluated in Northern Italy and the application of the biofungicide AQ10® WG based on Ampelomyces quisqualis gave good results when it was applied late in the growing season. The fungus conidia were able to parasitize the powdery mildew spores which halved disease severity on bunch until the pea-sized berries stage in the following season. The research works conducted in Innovine showed that the Ampelomyces spraying couldn’t be .Read more


Towards a better understanding of the plant responses to drought stresses

Montepulciano and Sangiovese are two heavily spread Italian cultivars that are known to show distinct responses to drought stress. While Sangiovese has been described as an anisohydric variety, Montepulciano is known to have a near-isohydric behaviour. Montepulciano leaves showed almost complete stomatal closure at higher leaf and stem water potentials than Sangiovese. Transcriptomics works conducted by the University of Verona allowed to study the expression of 1000 genes in samples from these two varieties collected at different time point after a water stress was applied. Differences in responses were observed between the two cultivarsRead more


Innovine’s outcomes help to activate a new Master dedicated to innovation in Viticulture and Enology

The Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC) from Piacenza in Italy is involved directly or indirectly through Horta, its spin-off company, in several activities conducted in InnoVine. The outcomes obtained from the project helped the University to activate next September a new Master in English dedicated to innovation in Viticulture and Enology...Read more


10 workshops organized in Italy on, a DSS for sustainable management of vineyards

The Horta Company organized during the last winter 10 different workshops on, a DSS for sustainable management of vineyards. In total, almost 200 winegrowers and technical advisers participated in these technical events. Read more

European Union
Innovine is a European collaborative project funded by the EU
through the FP7 Knowledge Based Bio-Economy (KBBE) programme
Grant Agreement n° 311775