WP5: Implementation of decision support systems towards a sustainable viticulture


The objective of WP5 is to develop reliable, flexible and modular decision support systems (DSSs) to help European vinegrowers to take optimal decisions about:

  1. Management of abiotic stresses (frost injuries, water stress)
  2. Control of pests and disease
  3. Management of vine canopy


Several information systems to help reducing the use of pesticides and water have been developed and adapted in viticulture to support the growers in making their decisions. Several DSSs will be considered in the project. The first one named Multiplex is a portable optical diagnostic tool for leaves and clusters developed by Force-A for the assessment of plant status such as vigor, nitrogen deficiencies, diseases’ presence and susceptibility and grape maturity. The second DSS developed by Agriciencia developed is an information collection system for viticulture which combines innovative software and hardware to collect and analyze data from multiple sources dynamically integrated in real time, such as last generation sensors, digital imagery capture, wireless communications combined with personal digital assistants and Web services. The third one developped by IRSTEA is a geotagged smartphone based system which uses embedded colour image processing to help quality evaluation of leaves and bunches. Noveltis implemented prototype operational tools and methods for localising and characterising the vineyards using remote sensing data. IFV developed the EPIcure DSS, a website (www.vignevin-epicure.com) whose objective is to validate predictive models for grapevine diseases and grape maturity. Today, EPIcure is a complete solution for collecting, elaborating and broadcasting data (maps, webservices, graphs,etc.). HORTA developed a DSS called Vite.net (www.horta-srl.com) for integrated management of the vineyard including a series of functionalities such as decision supports working at plot level, concerning canopy management, disease and pest control, and abiotic stresses. The aim of this WP is to test, validate and adapt these tools to various agro-ecological conditions of Europe and to different needs of end-users (which are individual farmers, technicians of grower’s associations, private and public advisors).

Work Package Leader

Pr Vittorio Rossi
Via E. Gorra 55
29122 Piacenza

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